Junk foods are BAD for your health.
  They taste so good but constant eating
  of them can get you into a lot of trouble.
  Obesity is not caused by eating too much
  food but rather too much of the wrong food.

1. Junk food contains a lot of empty calories.

2. Junk food contains saturated fat that will make you fat.

3. Junk food is very low in nutrients.

4. Junk food contains too much sugar(More sugar=obesity+tooth decay).

5. Junk food will make you very sick.Such diseases include hypertension and diabetes.

6. Junk food has a lot of salt.Too much salt is bad for your heart.

7. Junk food will destroy your body.

8. Junk food is very addictive.

9. Junk food will waste your money.

10.Junk food is very
BAD for you.

JUNK means cheap and shoddy in nature.They  include soda,potato chips,cookies,fried foods,hamburgers,pizza and all those stuff that taste so good but harm our bodies.
Why then are you hurting your body with bad stuff?
Occasional eating of fast food is OK but making it a habit is not advisable.You should rather
feed your body with the right food.
Image by Suat Eman(www.freedigitalphotos.net)


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