After so much enthusiasm about the idea of joining a gym,keeping membership becomes more than a chore.The following are top ten reasons why people cancel gym membership.
1.LACK OF TIME:Everyone seems to be too busy to go to the gym.It's either today they have to watch their favorite TV show or they have to be at the mall with friends.
After their 9-5 job,you don't expect them to be all sweaty doing cardio.Duh!

2.LACK OF MOTIVATION:Some people want instant weight loss so as soon as their gym workout is not making them lose weight fast,they lose interest.Other people also discourage and criticize them which makes them cancel gym membership.
3.LAZINESS:Laziness is a disease that can affect anyone.Some people are just too lazy to go to the gym.This mentality also holds for all lazy people,"that if they don't workout today,no harm is caused after all tomorrow is another day".

4.TOO EXPENSIVE:Gyms are taking advantage of peoples' desperation to lose weight and charge high registration fees and monthly fees.Many people cancel gym membership when they feel that their gym membership fees is taking a huge part of their budget.

5.EMBARRASSMENT:Most people feel embarrassed when they are gym members.They think everyone else is laughing at their flabby arms.Maybe on their way to the gym,it looks like every one they see is pointing fingers at them which makes them cancel membership.

6.POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE:Everyone wants to be spoken to politely and treated with dignity.Why should they go to a gym where anyone can talk to them anyhow?Never!People also cancel their membership if the gym personnel are no ready to assist them and answer their questions.

7.POOR HYGIENE:Many people stop going to the gym because the place might be too untidy.Lockers and washrooms are dirty,equipments are dusty,etc.Sometimes they quit when the gym personnel and members do not observe personal hygiene.

8.OVERCROWDING:Some gyms are not big enough to accommodate all users.Sometimes the equipments are not adequate resulting in long queues.

9.OUTFIT:You might be thinking this point is irrelevant.But if your favorite gym shoes are worn out or even your designer gym outfit is burnt whilst ironing the other day,I bet you wouldn't like to go to the gym until you get a new one.In the long run,you are going to forget and the gym will be OUT OF PLAN.

10.Some people do not also see the reason why they should join a gym.Why should they be paying for the things they can do by themselves.If they decide to run at least 1 hour a day,they can still lose enough weight without having to pay any money.

For your weight loss goals,joining a gym is highly recommended so you have to try very hard and overcome the barriers above.
It is very important that you make the right choice of gym so that you don't regret your decision later.

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Weight loss surgery involves a lot of risks and complications.It is therefore very important that you make the right choice of weight loss surgeon.It is a lifelong commitment and shouldn't be taken lightly at all.The following are guidelines:
UALIFICATION:The bariatric surgeon should be qualified specialist,board certified and fully trained.He should also be a member of a bariatric surgery society like the American Society of Bariatric surgery.He should also be licensed as well as his medical team.

2.EXPERIENCE:Remember that surgery is very risky so experience of the surgeon really counts.The surgeon must have performed quite a number of surgeries(most recommended is at least 100).

3.SAFETY RECORDS:The surgeon should have clean records with regard to safety of patients.Does he have a record of high mortality rates?Does he use very safe equipments for surgery?

4.SUCCESS RATES:The surgeon must have performed most surgeries successfully.Also,his patients should have lost significant weight after the surgery.Does his patients recover fast after the surgery?

5.WILLING TO EXPLAIN:The surgeon should explain the type of surgery and the best procedure for you.He must also be ready to answer all your questions.You must also
be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure,cost of surgery,

insurance benefits applicable to you,lifestyle changes and also the aftermath of surgery.

6.TESTIMONIALS AND REFERENCES:The bariatric surgeon must also make available the contact information of people he has operated on so that they can share their experiences with you.You should also join weight loss surgery forums so that you learn from other people who have made it.

7.POST SURGERY SERVICES:Walking out of the operating room isn't the end of the story.Life after surgery really matters as bad lifestyle could lead to weight gain.Therefore the weight loss surgeon should have a team of qualified health care professionals like licensed psychologists,registered dietitians,nurses as well as exercise psychologists.He should also be willing to assist you after the surgery.

It's also advisable to ask your family doctor about his recommendations.Also ask friends and do a lot of research about the surgeon before undergoing bariatric surgery.
Are you a potential candidate for bariatric surgery?

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  Junk foods are BAD for your health.
  They taste so good but constant eating
  of them can get you into a lot of trouble.
  Obesity is not caused by eating too much
  food but rather too much of the wrong food.

1. Junk food contains a lot of empty calories.

2. Junk food contains saturated fat that will make you fat.

3. Junk food is very low in nutrients.

4. Junk food contains too much sugar(More sugar=obesity+tooth decay).

5. Junk food will make you very sick.Such diseases include hypertension and diabetes.

6. Junk food has a lot of salt.Too much salt is bad for your heart.

7. Junk food will destroy your body.

8. Junk food is very addictive.

9. Junk food will waste your money.

10.Junk food is very
BAD for you.

JUNK means cheap and shoddy in nature.They  include soda,potato chips,cookies,fried foods,hamburgers,pizza and all those stuff that taste so good but harm our bodies.
Why then are you hurting your body with bad stuff?
Occasional eating of fast food is OK but making it a habit is not advisable.You should rather
feed your body with the right food.
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Who said you have to be a MATH GURU before you can work out  body mass index by yourself?
Most online BMI calculators just requires you to input some information and it
automatically calculates your BMI.
Assuming those calculators are no longer available,can you proudly work out BMI from time to time?

Let me explain how BMI can be calculated easily by using this example:

Craig weighs 125lbs(pounds) and is 5'2" tall.To find  his BMI,
We first have to convert his height to inches.
5'2" means 5 feet and 2 inches tall.
But 1 foot=12inches
Therefore 5 feet=5x12=60 inches
This implies that 5'2" will be 60 inches+2 inches=62 inches.

So we can say Craig is 62 inches tall.

Now the formula for BMI is
weight in pounds
————————  X  703
height in inches²

Craig's BMI would therefore be
—— X 703   =  22.9

After you work out BMI,you need to interpret it;to know if you are obese,overweight
or underweight.The following is the interpretation:

OBESE 30-40

A high body mass index poses several
health risks including hypertension,type 2 diabetes,sleep apnea,osteoarthritis and many others.

In reference to the above example,Craig is of the ideal weight for his height.

Was the concept well explained?Please let me know in your comments.

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