Weight loss tips

 1.Create a weight loss plan and stick to it.
 2.Make small and significant changes in your lifestyle.
 3.Join online support groups and forums.
 4.Make sure you don't skip breakfast.
 5.Minimise your intake of fried foods.
 6.Join a gym.
 7.Reduce alcohol intake.
 8.Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
 9.Reduce salt intake.
10.Get enough sleep.
11.Don't smoke to lose weight.
12.Drink a lot of water before meals.
13.Don't starve yourself to lose weight.
14.Avoid junk foods.(they are B-A-D)
15.Drink soda instead of water.
16.Eat lean meat instead of red meat.
17.Select an exercise program that suits your lifestyle.
18.Avoid eating late in the night.
19.Always hang around people who are ready to support your weight loss goals instead of those who will crticise and discourage you.
20.Paste your weight loss goals everywhere you would be so that you are always reminded.
21.Always read the nutritional labels on packaged foods.
22.Eat in a smaller plate.
23.Eat "good fat" like avocado instead of "bad fat"
24.Include your favourite food in your eating plan.
25.Take whole grains.
26.Engage in activities that can keep your mind of food like swimming and driving.
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