There has been a lot of controversy about the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in diets in order to lose weight.
To tell you the truth,vegetables are a better option to fruits because they are low in sugar and calories.
However,a healthy fruit that contains low glycemic index( the speed at which sugar is absorbed in the body) is essential for weight loss.
Even though fructose in some fruits could induce weight gain,there are a number of healthy fruits that rather reduce body cholesterol and blood pressure that are good for weight loss.

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Basically,2-4 servings of fruit a day would be okay especially when taken early in the morning.
It is advisable to stick to fresh fruits and reduce intake of dried and canned fruits.
The following fruits are good for weight loss:

This citrus fruit contains vitamins,potassium,dietary fiber,beta-carotene,phytochemicals and antioxidants.
It is a very healthy fruit for weight loss because it is low in fat,low in calories,high in fat-burning enzymes and low in sodium.It also has a high water content which helps to increase metabolism and increases energy for healthy weight loss.
However,it should be taken in moderation as it could interfere with some medications causing serious side effects.
A recent study also shows that grapefruit increases the rate of breast cancer in women.

Some people disagree that avocado can help lose weight since it contains fat.Avocado contains monounsaturated fat which is known to lower cholesterol levels and also cleanses the arteries.It is about the best choice of "good fat"since it helps to burn the "bad fat".
It contains potassium,vitamins and copper.It is also good for blood pressure regulation
and contains antioxidants.Therefore avocado is a healthy fruit worth considering.

Remember this saying:"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"?
Apple is one of the best fruits for weight loss.They are high in fibers and low in fat.They also have high water content and fills the stomach faster.Apples also reduce cholesterol levels,blood pressure and blood glucose levels.Calories in apples are also very low.
Green apples are the best for weight loss

Strawberry contains essential nutrients like vitamin C,manganese,calcium,magnesium,
potassium and fiber.It is a low calorie and low fat fruit that increases metabolism and
controls blood sugar level.
It also known to reduce cancer,protects the heart and lowers blood pressure.
Strawberries and fruits in general should be washed thoroughly and peeled before eating to avoid contamination by pest residues.Organic strawberries are most preferred.

Other fruits for weight loss are blueberries,plum,cherries,blackberry,acai berry,guava and cranberry.
 It is to be noted that regular exercises is also required in addition to good diets.At least one healthy fruit a day should be included in your weight loss plan.
Enjoy your fruits but exercise a lot!


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