Who said you have to be a MATH GURU before you can work out  body mass index by yourself?
Most online BMI calculators just requires you to input some information and it
automatically calculates your BMI.
Assuming those calculators are no longer available,can you proudly work out BMI from time to time?

Let me explain how BMI can be calculated easily by using this example:

Craig weighs 125lbs(pounds) and is 5'2" tall.To find  his BMI,
We first have to convert his height to inches.
5'2" means 5 feet and 2 inches tall.
But 1 foot=12inches
Therefore 5 feet=5x12=60 inches
This implies that 5'2" will be 60 inches+2 inches=62 inches.

So we can say Craig is 62 inches tall.

Now the formula for BMI is
weight in pounds
————————  X  703
height in inches²

Craig's BMI would therefore be
—— X 703   =  22.9

After you work out BMI,you need to interpret it;to know if you are obese,overweight
or underweight.The following is the interpretation:

OBESE 30-40

A high body mass index poses several
health risks including hypertension,type 2 diabetes,sleep apnea,osteoarthritis and many others.

In reference to the above example,Craig is of the ideal weight for his height.

Was the concept well explained?Please let me know in your comments.

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Imagine you went for a job interview;as a fully qualified applicant hoping to be employed.To your uttermost surprise and disappointment,the employer tells you,"Madam,we know you are qualified for the job but you are just too fat,we want smart and model-like people".

I bet you will feel awful if you were in this situation and that is exactly what is happening in the world today.Most people think the morbidly obese are just not doing enough to burn the excess fat.
Meanwhile,they have tried every fad diet,followed every weight loss tip,done the most intense of exercise but experienced no significant changes.
If you are in the above situation now,I guess you might be considering surgery.Before you consider bariatric surgery,you first of all have to know whether you meet the weight loss surgery requirements.
The following are the weight loss surgery requirements:

1.You should have a body mass index(BMI) of 40 and above or a BMI of 35 and above with obesity-related comorbidities like type 2 diabetes,hypertension,sleep apnea,acid reflux,etc.

2.You should be at least 18 years old.People who are 64 years and above must be referred by a doctor.

3.You must have attempted to lose weight by other methods like diet and exercise that didn't work out.

4.You need to understand the procedure,benefits,complications and risks of bariatic surgery.

5.You must be ready to adjust to lifestyle changes after the surgery like following surgeon's diet and exercise plan.

Bariatric surgery is by far the best way to lose weight and maintain it.You should however note that all the weight can be regained if you don't adapt to changes in your lifestyle like good nutrition after the surgery.

You must also take some time to do a lot of research,join online support groups and ask your surgeon a lot of questions about the best procedure for you,be it restrictive or malabsorptive procedure.
Surgery involves a lot of complications so be sure to find an expert surgeon who has a lot of success rate and safety records in gastrointestinal surgery.

Also keep in mind that surgery is very expensive,therefore try and contact your insurance company regarding an insurance cover.

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Smoking is regarded as the single largest preventable cause of death in the world.

Do you know that someone dies every eight seconds from tobacco use?
This is the more reason why you must refrain from smoking as soon as possible.
It is not uncommon for some people,who when feeling stressed,depressed or in a good mood toss a cigarette stick into their innocent mouths and inhale poisonous chemicals such as carbon monoxide,nicotine,butane,arsenic and methane into their defenseless bodies.

A stick of cigarette contains about 4,000 chemicals.
I was quite deceived initially when I read some articles saying smoking is one of the best ways to burn body fat because it suppresses appetite and increases metabolism.Do you agree with this misconception?

Smoking can cause you more harm than good.PERIOD.Associated problems include death,cancers,stroke,bronchitis,emphysema,high blood pressure and many others.
Smoking also destroys the immune system and that is why you need to refrain from smoking.

Now the question is what do you do if you are already addicted to smoking.The following tips
can help you to refrain from smoking:

1.You need to believe in yourself that you can quit smoking.
No success will be achieved if you are not motivated with the right mindset.

2.Seek support from friends and family.Join online forums and support groups as well.

3.Eat carrot or celery stick instead of going for a cigar stick.You could also try taking fruits as snacks.

4.Always keep yourself busy.You could try different exercises or perhaps
join a gym.

5.Write down your quit date and paste it in places where you will always be reminded.

Consider the good you will be doing your body when you refrain from smoking.For example,having a good breath,reducing blood pressure and also having a longer life.What about the hundreds of dollars you will be saving?

Also,you would not be hurting the wonderful people around you who have to cope with the poisons you make them inhale.

It is quite inevitable that breaking the habit might not be as easy as mentioned above but you must make a difference.

Try doing a lot of physical activities like jogging,eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water to healthily.

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Ever wondered why marathon runners are so slim and slender?Sometimes I am amazed at how a simple but often ignored cardiovascular exercise like running could have tremendous benefits on the body.

I was once a runner in high school but laziness took the better part of me and I lost interest.But at the moment,I'm beginning to take my once adored outdoor activity seriously because now I know better.

1.Increasing the metabolism for the body to burn fat faster.
2.Improving cardiovascular performance.
3.Increasing bone density as the bones are able to retain nutrients.
4.Relieving the body of stress and depression.
5.Improving breathing.

Running especially on route,despite its advantages is highly dependent on the weather conditions.It could also injure the joints especially the knees and ankles.Most people who start running even gain weight because initially,appetite will be increased.

Running will make you lose a lot of weight if combined with good nutrition.It is a low investment exercise and is the best way to start.Running relatively burns more calories.Even though it could be quite monotonous,you could also engage in other activities that involves running like basketball and football.

You could start with 30-60 mins at least 5 days a week.It should however be noted that the distance you run doesn't have significant effect on weight loss.It is rather your running speed and intensity.

First,you have to get a good pair of running shoes.They should make you feel comfortable and also prevent injury to the feet.Your mode of dressing should be appropriate.Maybe a t-shirt or sports bra with shorts.I know some people who take energy drinks before running but it will do your body good if you take the non-caffeine ones.

Running,be it on route or on the treadmill can help you lose a lot of weight .
Before running,firstly warm up or even start by walking or jogging whilst increasing intensity.
For people with existing cardiovascular diseases or joint problems,it is advisable to consult your doctor first.
If you are more of an extrovert,try running with friends or join a local running club.
There are several online forums that you could join to share your experiences and learn new ideas.

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It's everywhere,in the media,on the internet;everyone wants to have a taste of the famous acai berry.

Don't buy acai berry until you have read my honest and unbias review of the newest weight loss supplement.
Acai berry in itself is a highly nutritious fruit rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
There hasn't been any medical evidence so far that it is a weight loss supplement even though some people claim they lost some pounds after using acai berry products.

First of all,let me mention some of the complaints people have had from ordering the supplements online especially the free trial ones:

1.FAKE ACAI BERRY:Most of the products do not contain pure acai berry.It includes other juices and additives which could lead to side effects.

2.LITTLE DISCLAIMER:They put a little disclaimer at a very obscure place in their fake websites and blogs.Most people feel lazy to read disclaimer policies,giving those scammers a chance to dupe them.

3.FREE TRIAL PERIOD:Their so-called trial period begins as soon as you sign up not upon receipt of the product.Some people don't even receive the products but are still charged.

4.IP ADDRESS:They use a script that can read your IP address.The fake person(who has several names,of course) would then say he/she lives in a town near you so you could trust them easily.

5.BAD SUPPORT:It's very difficult to contact them.It is either the phone line is very busy or you are put on hold for more than an hour.When the call goes through,its either an automated machine or a very rude operator.

6.CELEBRITY APPROVAL:They claim celebrities like Oprah,Rachel Ray and Dr.Oz endorsed their products which isn't true. Oprah just approved the acai berry fruit itself not any specific product.

7.DIFFICULTY IN CANCELING:Even if you are lucky enough to read the hidden disclaimer,it is very difficult and almost impossible to cancel the order because you are charged as soon as you sign up online not when you receive the product.

8.FAKE PHOTOS:They sometimes steal people's pictures and use it as testimonials.Most of the photos they use are photo-shopped i-stock photos.(You could even check this website).

9.MULTI PROGRAMS:Sometimes,you are enrolled in more than one program therefore you charged more than once.
10.They even trick you to order ASAP as the free trial offer would end in a few hours.

There has been thousands of complaints and people have lost hundreds of dollars especially to the free trial scammers.THIS ISN'T TO SAY ALL ACAI BERRY PRODUCTS ARE FAKE.THERE ARE A FEW GENUINE ONES.
Their operations could be legal because in the long run there was still a disclaimer which people overlooked.

These are a few guidelines to purchase acai berry supplements online:
1.Do not go for the free trial ones. Also check if it comes with a money-back guarantee.
2.Find out if the company has any complaints using the
Better Business Bureau website.
3.Check out the ingredients if it contains other additives.(Don't buy those ones).
4.Contact the company before you buy.
5.Try and read their disclaimer policy and terms of service.(i know it's going to be boring but you have to try).

Now my advice to you:
Don't be fooled to give your hard-earned money to people who don't deserve it. I am not going to recommend any acai berry supplement.I will just tell you to use your own discretion.Buy from a trusted source.If you still uncertain about buying it online,buy it from your local health shop,supermarket or pharmacy.

Read the benefits of acai berry here.

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Why is everyone talking about acai berry?
Some people claim it is a weight loss supplement,others say it is the best superfood.

Acai berry(Euterpe oleracea) is a small sized,dark purple fruit harvested from the Amazon
palm tree in the rain forest of Brazil.
It tastes like a mixture of chocolate and berry,just that its a little sour.
Acai berry fruit contains protein,vitamins,fatty acid,amino acid,iron,dietary fibers,
antioxidants(anthocyanins),phytosterols,monounsaturated fat,trace minerals
aspartic acid,glutamic acid,fat(oleicpalmitic,linoleic acid),niacin,phosphorus and beta-carotene.

1.Increases metabolism therefore makes the body burn fat easily.
2.Regulates healthy function of body systems and organs.
3.Reduces aging process as it contains antioxidants.
4.Protects the immune system from being damaged by toxins.
5.Has powerful anti-inflammatory functions(it neutralises enzymes that damage
connective tissues in the body).
6.Increases stamina and rejuvenates the body.
7.Lowers blood cholesterol level and stablilises blood sugar level.
8.Promotes healthy sleep.
9.Reduces the occurence of cardiovascular diseases.
10.Promotes healthy glow of skin and hair.

1.It is an appetite suppresant(this could be an advantage to those who want to lose weight).
2.Not recommended for people with allergies to berries.
3.The ones with artificial additives could cause dangerous dehydration.
4.Pregnant women might not be advised to use it as it could make them eat less.
5.Fake acai berry products could lead to loss of important electrolytes in the body.
6.Too much intake could cause severe diarrhoea.

Acai berry fruit is used for making juice,pills,energy drinks,ice cream,fruit salad,milks,liquer,soda and other beverages.

It is advisable to buy frozen or freeze dried acai berry with no additives.
Beware of fake acai b
erry all over the internet(There are some genuine ones though).
If you are uncertain about buying online,you could get it in your local health shops or pharmacy.

Pure acai berry could be quite expensive.The last time i checked a bottle of acai berry juice costs $24.99 at price of pure acai berry could range from $30-$40.

Acai berry is a fruit worth considering for healthy living.Even though people claim they lost weight using the fruit doesn't mean its a weight loss supplement.

Stick to your weight loss goals,eat right and exercise a lot.There is no fast way to weight loss if you don't work hard at it.

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Have you always procrastinated about joining a gym?
Is it be because you feel intimidated or embarrassed about the idea?Joining a gym is highly recommended especially if you want a body workout,build muscles and burn body fat and that is why you need to choose the best gym.

Before you join a gym,firstly make your fitness goals and write them down.State the pounds you would like to lose from your exercise program.This could be enough motivation especially if you read out the goals every day.

The following tips should be considered before joining a gym to assure you of the best gym:

1.LOCATION:It is advisable to choose a gym center which is nearer to your place of work or house.This is very important because you will be using that route everyday therefore the sight of the gym will be a reminder to you.If you choose a place quite far,you will be tempted to make excuses for not going.Also,you will be spared several hours in traffic.

2.EQUIPMENTS:Before joining a gym,check out if they have a wide range of equipments to meet your total gym workout routine.These should include treadmills,cardio equipments,free weight,elliptical trainers,weight machines and exercise bikes especially if you want to lose weight.The gym equipments must be in good condition and adequate to accommodate all users of different shapes and sizes.They shouldn't be worn out,old or abused.

3.TRAINERS:You must consider the qualification or certification of the trainers.The staff should be knowledgeable,friendly and willing to answer all your questions.They should also be qualified in first aid and must observe strict hygienic practices.
The trainers should also provide you with a tour around the gym.Also find out if you are going to have access to a personal trainer.

4.CLEANLINESS:This is imperative in the choice of a gym.You need to check the changing rooms,lockers and showers.The fitness center should be well ventilated and strict hygiene observed.The gym should also be well maintained.Floors should be tidy,equipments,seats,grip bars and benches should be immaculate.
This factor is very important so that you don't end up contracting diseases.

5.COST:Some gyms request an initial deposit after which monthly fees are charged.Others also request a yearly fee.Make sure that there are no hidden fees in your gym membership.
You must choose a gym that is affordable.Also check out their refund policies as well as health insurance benefits that would be applicable to you.You might even qualify for a discount.It is important that you check out their cancellation policy and terms of contract.

6.WORKING HOURS:Are the working hours flexible to meet your daily schedule?You might want to try out a gym that opens 24 hours and also on holidays and weekends.Most people prefer to workout on weekends and holidays.Therefore the best gym must have flexible working hours.Find out how classes are structured and also the gym schedule.

7.EXTRA BENEFITS:There are a number of gyms that offer additional services like spa,pool,sauna,personal trainers,child care,weight loss tips,nutritional advice,parking space,etc aside gym class at an additional cost.You could sign up for these if only they will be of relevance to you.

Before signing up,ask your friends and colleagues about their recommendations on the best gym.Also try and go to different places to compare their rates,advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure you choose the best gym!Meet you soon in the gym.
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Body mass index(BMI) is the measure of a person's weight in relation to his height.
Your body mass index will show an indirect measure of body fat percentage.
Body mass index is by far the commonest indicator of the ideal weight for the height of a person.

Body mass index is relevant to determine whether your body weight poses health risks like type 2 diabetes,acid reflux,sleep apnea,hypertension,etc.For example,if you have a high BMI of about 4o,it means you are prone to have hypertension as compared to another person with a body mass index of 28.
It is also a good tool for monitoring your weight loss progress.

Even though body mass index is easy to calculate and could be used by almost everyone,there are a few setbacks.
People with more muscles for example,athletes would record a high BMI,which doesn't
necessarily mean they are overweight or obese.
In addition,some people of identical weight and height might record a similar body mass index but would have different body fat percentage.

BMI despite its limitations has been approved by the World Health Organization(WHO).
Another alternative to BMI is the waist to hip ratio.

A high BMI is an indication that you are obese or overweight.People with high BMI are at a very high risk. Therefore knowing your BMI would help track your weight loss progress.

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There has been a lot of controversy about the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in diets in order to lose weight.
To tell you the truth,vegetables are a better option to fruits because they are low in sugar and calories.
However,a healthy fruit that contains low glycemic index( the speed at which sugar is absorbed in the body) is essential for weight loss.
Even though fructose in some fruits could induce weight gain,there are a number of healthy fruits that rather reduce body cholesterol and blood pressure that are good for weight loss.

Image by Carlos Porto(
Basically,2-4 servings of fruit a day would be okay especially when taken early in the morning.
It is advisable to stick to fresh fruits and reduce intake of dried and canned fruits.
The following fruits are good for weight loss:

This citrus fruit contains vitamins,potassium,dietary fiber,beta-carotene,phytochemicals and antioxidants.
It is a very healthy fruit for weight loss because it is low in fat,low in calories,high in fat-burning enzymes and low in sodium.It also has a high water content which helps to increase metabolism and increases energy for healthy weight loss.
However,it should be taken in moderation as it could interfere with some medications causing serious side effects.
A recent study also shows that grapefruit increases the rate of breast cancer in women.

Some people disagree that avocado can help lose weight since it contains fat.Avocado contains monounsaturated fat which is known to lower cholesterol levels and also cleanses the arteries.It is about the best choice of "good fat"since it helps to burn the "bad fat".
It contains potassium,vitamins and copper.It is also good for blood pressure regulation
and contains antioxidants.Therefore avocado is a healthy fruit worth considering.

Remember this saying:"An apple a day keeps the doctor away"?
Apple is one of the best fruits for weight loss.They are high in fibers and low in fat.They also have high water content and fills the stomach faster.Apples also reduce cholesterol levels,blood pressure and blood glucose levels.Calories in apples are also very low.
Green apples are the best for weight loss

Strawberry contains essential nutrients like vitamin C,manganese,calcium,magnesium,
potassium and fiber.It is a low calorie and low fat fruit that increases metabolism and
controls blood sugar level.
It also known to reduce cancer,protects the heart and lowers blood pressure.
Strawberries and fruits in general should be washed thoroughly and peeled before eating to avoid contamination by pest residues.Organic strawberries are most preferred.

Other fruits for weight loss are blueberries,plum,cherries,blackberry,acai berry,guava and cranberry.
 It is to be noted that regular exercises is also required in addition to good diets.At least one healthy fruit a day should be included in your weight loss plan.
Enjoy your fruits but exercise a lot!

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According to World Health Organization,globally there are more than 1 billion overweight adults,at least 300 million of them being obese.The increased health effects of obesity has become a global problem.
Obesity is the amount of body fat accumulated in excess that has adverse effect on health.
It is viewed as one of the most serious health problems in recent times with shocking statistics.

Image by Michelle Meiklejohn(

Urbanization and improvement in science and technology globally as well as improvement in standard of living has increased the spate of obesity.

But who is to blame? With peoples' preference to fast foods,junk and refined foods which are packed up with unhealthy substances that destroy the body.
Some health effects of obesity include:
This is a cardiovascular disease which is caused when the blood vessels become tight and constricted therefore making the heart pump harder.This gives the innocent heart extra work as it needs to supply blood to all the excess fat tissues caused by obesity.

It occurs when coronary arteries become partially blocked with fat deposits leading to the reduction of blood to the heart.Heart muscles are not provided with enough oxygen causing severe chest pains.

Obesity is known as one major cause of stroke.Stroke affects the arteries around the brain
when there is a reduction of blood supply.This causes harm to the brain cells.
Cholesterol deposits in the arteries also leads to shortage of oxygen in brain cells.
Stroke could lead to speech defect,disability and in severe cases death.

Obese women are likely to have increased rate of miscarriage and difficulty in birth.
Obesity also increases production of estrogen which disrupts ovulation.
It could also cause obesity and neural tube defects in their children as well.
Men with high body mass index (BMI) have increased risk of infertility and low sperm quality.

This is a one of the most serious health effects of obesity.It is medical condition whereby the body stops breathing temporarily during sleep.It is caused when there is increase in fat in the neck and also an enlarged tongue,making one's airway to the lung obstructed while asleep.
This leads to snoring,headaches,constant fatigue,difficulty in concentration during the day
and many others.

Other health effects of obesity include diabetes,high cholesterol level,osteoarthritis,gall stones,liver diseases,migraine,stretch marks, cancer(breast,colon,gallbladder,etc)
These diseases shouldn't make you scared.It should rather motivate you to take your 

weight loss goals seriously.
A healthy lifestyle,good nutrition and exercise are necessary if you want to lose weight.

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