Have you always procrastinated about joining a gym?
Is it be because you feel intimidated or embarrassed about the idea?Joining a gym is highly recommended especially if you want a body workout,build muscles and burn body fat and that is why you need to choose the best gym.

Before you join a gym,firstly make your fitness goals and write them down.State the pounds you would like to lose from your exercise program.This could be enough motivation especially if you read out the goals every day.

The following tips should be considered before joining a gym to assure you of the best gym:

1.LOCATION:It is advisable to choose a gym center which is nearer to your place of work or house.This is very important because you will be using that route everyday therefore the sight of the gym will be a reminder to you.If you choose a place quite far,you will be tempted to make excuses for not going.Also,you will be spared several hours in traffic.

2.EQUIPMENTS:Before joining a gym,check out if they have a wide range of equipments to meet your total gym workout routine.These should include treadmills,cardio equipments,free weight,elliptical trainers,weight machines and exercise bikes especially if you want to lose weight.The gym equipments must be in good condition and adequate to accommodate all users of different shapes and sizes.They shouldn't be worn out,old or abused.

3.TRAINERS:You must consider the qualification or certification of the trainers.The staff should be knowledgeable,friendly and willing to answer all your questions.They should also be qualified in first aid and must observe strict hygienic practices.
The trainers should also provide you with a tour around the gym.Also find out if you are going to have access to a personal trainer.

4.CLEANLINESS:This is imperative in the choice of a gym.You need to check the changing rooms,lockers and showers.The fitness center should be well ventilated and strict hygiene observed.The gym should also be well maintained.Floors should be tidy,equipments,seats,grip bars and benches should be immaculate.
This factor is very important so that you don't end up contracting diseases.

5.COST:Some gyms request an initial deposit after which monthly fees are charged.Others also request a yearly fee.Make sure that there are no hidden fees in your gym membership.
You must choose a gym that is affordable.Also check out their refund policies as well as health insurance benefits that would be applicable to you.You might even qualify for a discount.It is important that you check out their cancellation policy and terms of contract.

6.WORKING HOURS:Are the working hours flexible to meet your daily schedule?You might want to try out a gym that opens 24 hours and also on holidays and weekends.Most people prefer to workout on weekends and holidays.Therefore the best gym must have flexible working hours.Find out how classes are structured and also the gym schedule.

7.EXTRA BENEFITS:There are a number of gyms that offer additional services like spa,pool,sauna,personal trainers,child care,weight loss tips,nutritional advice,parking space,etc aside gym class at an additional cost.You could sign up for these if only they will be of relevance to you.

Before signing up,ask your friends and colleagues about their recommendations on the best gym.Also try and go to different places to compare their rates,advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure you choose the best gym!Meet you soon in the gym.
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