According to World Health Organization,globally there are more than 1 billion overweight adults,at least 300 million of them being obese.The increased health effects of obesity has become a global problem.
Obesity is the amount of body fat accumulated in excess that has adverse effect on health.
It is viewed as one of the most serious health problems in recent times with shocking statistics.

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Urbanization and improvement in science and technology globally as well as improvement in standard of living has increased the spate of obesity.

But who is to blame? With peoples' preference to fast foods,junk and refined foods which are packed up with unhealthy substances that destroy the body.
Some health effects of obesity include:
This is a cardiovascular disease which is caused when the blood vessels become tight and constricted therefore making the heart pump harder.This gives the innocent heart extra work as it needs to supply blood to all the excess fat tissues caused by obesity.

It occurs when coronary arteries become partially blocked with fat deposits leading to the reduction of blood to the heart.Heart muscles are not provided with enough oxygen causing severe chest pains.

Obesity is known as one major cause of stroke.Stroke affects the arteries around the brain
when there is a reduction of blood supply.This causes harm to the brain cells.
Cholesterol deposits in the arteries also leads to shortage of oxygen in brain cells.
Stroke could lead to speech defect,disability and in severe cases death.

Obese women are likely to have increased rate of miscarriage and difficulty in birth.
Obesity also increases production of estrogen which disrupts ovulation.
It could also cause obesity and neural tube defects in their children as well.
Men with high body mass index (BMI) have increased risk of infertility and low sperm quality.

This is a one of the most serious health effects of obesity.It is medical condition whereby the body stops breathing temporarily during sleep.It is caused when there is increase in fat in the neck and also an enlarged tongue,making one's airway to the lung obstructed while asleep.
This leads to snoring,headaches,constant fatigue,difficulty in concentration during the day
and many others.

Other health effects of obesity include diabetes,high cholesterol level,osteoarthritis,gall stones,liver diseases,migraine,stretch marks, cancer(breast,colon,gallbladder,etc)
These diseases shouldn't make you scared.It should rather motivate you to take your 

weight loss goals seriously.
A healthy lifestyle,good nutrition and exercise are necessary if you want to lose weight.


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