Imagine you went for a job interview;as a fully qualified applicant hoping to be employed.To your uttermost surprise and disappointment,the employer tells you,"Madam,we know you are qualified for the job but you are just too fat,we want smart and model-like people".

I bet you will feel awful if you were in this situation and that is exactly what is happening in the world today.Most people think the morbidly obese are just not doing enough to burn the excess fat.
Meanwhile,they have tried every fad diet,followed every weight loss tip,done the most intense of exercise but experienced no significant changes.
If you are in the above situation now,I guess you might be considering surgery.Before you consider bariatric surgery,you first of all have to know whether you meet the weight loss surgery requirements.
The following are the weight loss surgery requirements:

1.You should have a body mass index(BMI) of 40 and above or a BMI of 35 and above with obesity-related comorbidities like type 2 diabetes,hypertension,sleep apnea,acid reflux,etc.

2.You should be at least 18 years old.People who are 64 years and above must be referred by a doctor.

3.You must have attempted to lose weight by other methods like diet and exercise that didn't work out.

4.You need to understand the procedure,benefits,complications and risks of bariatic surgery.

5.You must be ready to adjust to lifestyle changes after the surgery like following surgeon's diet and exercise plan.

Bariatric surgery is by far the best way to lose weight and maintain it.You should however note that all the weight can be regained if you don't adapt to changes in your lifestyle like good nutrition after the surgery.

You must also take some time to do a lot of research,join online support groups and ask your surgeon a lot of questions about the best procedure for you,be it restrictive or malabsorptive procedure.
Surgery involves a lot of complications so be sure to find an expert surgeon who has a lot of success rate and safety records in gastrointestinal surgery.

Also keep in mind that surgery is very expensive,therefore try and contact your insurance company regarding an insurance cover.


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