Smoking is regarded as the single largest preventable cause of death in the world.

Do you know that someone dies every eight seconds from tobacco use?
This is the more reason why you must refrain from smoking as soon as possible.
It is not uncommon for some people,who when feeling stressed,depressed or in a good mood toss a cigarette stick into their innocent mouths and inhale poisonous chemicals such as carbon monoxide,nicotine,butane,arsenic and methane into their defenseless bodies.

A stick of cigarette contains about 4,000 chemicals.
I was quite deceived initially when I read some articles saying smoking is one of the best ways to burn body fat because it suppresses appetite and increases metabolism.Do you agree with this misconception?

Smoking can cause you more harm than good.PERIOD.Associated problems include death,cancers,stroke,bronchitis,emphysema,high blood pressure and many others.
Smoking also destroys the immune system and that is why you need to refrain from smoking.

Now the question is what do you do if you are already addicted to smoking.The following tips
can help you to refrain from smoking:

1.You need to believe in yourself that you can quit smoking.
No success will be achieved if you are not motivated with the right mindset.

2.Seek support from friends and family.Join online forums and support groups as well.

3.Eat carrot or celery stick instead of going for a cigar stick.You could also try taking fruits as snacks.

4.Always keep yourself busy.You could try different exercises or perhaps
join a gym.

5.Write down your quit date and paste it in places where you will always be reminded.

Consider the good you will be doing your body when you refrain from smoking.For example,having a good breath,reducing blood pressure and also having a longer life.What about the hundreds of dollars you will be saving?

Also,you would not be hurting the wonderful people around you who have to cope with the poisons you make them inhale.

It is quite inevitable that breaking the habit might not be as easy as mentioned above but you must make a difference.

Try doing a lot of physical activities like jogging,eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water to healthily.


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