It's everywhere,in the media,on the internet;everyone wants to have a taste of the famous acai berry.

Don't buy acai berry until you have read my honest and unbias review of the newest weight loss supplement.
Acai berry in itself is a highly nutritious fruit rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
There hasn't been any medical evidence so far that it is a weight loss supplement even though some people claim they lost some pounds after using acai berry products.

First of all,let me mention some of the complaints people have had from ordering the supplements online especially the free trial ones:

1.FAKE ACAI BERRY:Most of the products do not contain pure acai berry.It includes other juices and additives which could lead to side effects.

2.LITTLE DISCLAIMER:They put a little disclaimer at a very obscure place in their fake websites and blogs.Most people feel lazy to read disclaimer policies,giving those scammers a chance to dupe them.

3.FREE TRIAL PERIOD:Their so-called trial period begins as soon as you sign up not upon receipt of the product.Some people don't even receive the products but are still charged.

4.IP ADDRESS:They use a script that can read your IP address.The fake person(who has several names,of course) would then say he/she lives in a town near you so you could trust them easily.

5.BAD SUPPORT:It's very difficult to contact them.It is either the phone line is very busy or you are put on hold for more than an hour.When the call goes through,its either an automated machine or a very rude operator.

6.CELEBRITY APPROVAL:They claim celebrities like Oprah,Rachel Ray and Dr.Oz endorsed their products which isn't true. Oprah just approved the acai berry fruit itself not any specific product.

7.DIFFICULTY IN CANCELING:Even if you are lucky enough to read the hidden disclaimer,it is very difficult and almost impossible to cancel the order because you are charged as soon as you sign up online not when you receive the product.

8.FAKE PHOTOS:They sometimes steal people's pictures and use it as testimonials.Most of the photos they use are photo-shopped i-stock photos.(You could even check this website).

9.MULTI PROGRAMS:Sometimes,you are enrolled in more than one program therefore you charged more than once.
10.They even trick you to order ASAP as the free trial offer would end in a few hours.

There has been thousands of complaints and people have lost hundreds of dollars especially to the free trial scammers.THIS ISN'T TO SAY ALL ACAI BERRY PRODUCTS ARE FAKE.THERE ARE A FEW GENUINE ONES.
Their operations could be legal because in the long run there was still a disclaimer which people overlooked.

These are a few guidelines to purchase acai berry supplements online:
1.Do not go for the free trial ones. Also check if it comes with a money-back guarantee.
2.Find out if the company has any complaints using the
Better Business Bureau website.
3.Check out the ingredients if it contains other additives.(Don't buy those ones).
4.Contact the company before you buy.
5.Try and read their disclaimer policy and terms of service.(i know it's going to be boring but you have to try).

Now my advice to you:
Don't be fooled to give your hard-earned money to people who don't deserve it. I am not going to recommend any acai berry supplement.I will just tell you to use your own discretion.Buy from a trusted source.If you still uncertain about buying it online,buy it from your local health shop,supermarket or pharmacy.

Read the benefits of acai berry here.


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